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Prints are 半切 format (432x356mm). If you see another photo you are interested in, please let me know.

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Vital, essential, necessary, brain food, soul feeder, I have no words to explain how photography is important to me. I started to shoot few years ago, just a little after my best friend died, suddenly. I am not sure there is a direct link; I think it just came like this, with no specific reason, like you start something new by accident. I used to have one of those random cheap digital cameras, but one day it failed; I had to replace it by another. Why I Take Pictures?




I just shoot because it is essential, vital to me, I am not sure that I am particulary shooting emotional, I just shoot, period. Maybe this comes from my aesthetic choice, I shoot in high contrast, black and white so everything tend to be more obvious, more present. there are no place for colors details, everything just tend to be raw, like my feelings. Yes in a sense I am shooting what is in my brain, certainly a chaos. but also a large variety or palette of moods and feelings.Shooting emotional maybe not appreciated by others as this is a very personnal way of seeing a picture, a scenary, somebody, but most of all, a different way of capturing light. Most of people are shooting in the opposite side of the sunlight, me, on the contrary I want to shoot face to the sun, I want to have the vibrations, the shadows, the forms,… This way of shooting  will give a taste to the picture that I shoot. OK, I am not always doing like this, sometimes there is not really a sunlight or if I shoot a portrait I want to see the expression that I freeze at a certain point in time.