Digital vs Analog - 5 Reasons To Choose

November 18, 2018

5 reasons to shoot digital and not analog

  1. You have a lot of choices of brand new camera from reasonably cheap to very expensive that are coming every year. You can even shoot with your smartphone.
  2. One can shoot, shoot and shoot, only your SIM card will limit you but it usually means thousands of pictures.
  3. You can instantly see the result on your camera and already decide to keep it or not.
  4. You can « easily » post process them as you have a RAW file on your computer.
  5. Shooting digital is relatively much cheaper than shoting film.

5 reasons to shoot analog and not digitial

  1. You take your time instead of shooting millions of picture, you observe and think more deeply as the amount of shot is limited.
  2. Analog results have this something more than digitally processed pictures doesn’t have. They miss this aspect of too perfect, too cold.
  3. The process itself of loading/unloading film is great, you really feel you are photographing.
  4. Vintage camera looks cool and you have also a lot of variety especially in the medium format that digital will not have (or will be too expensive).
  5. You can scan you films to put it on your computer or you can have also the possibility to process them into a darkroom, which is a fantastic and unique experience.