HIELO Band photoshoot

October 27, 2018

Last week, a band called HIELO, a rock band from Osaka, invited me to photoshoot them. We spend most of the day together, trying to get the best pictures for them to promote themselves, as they don't have yet a website, nor any materials for flyers etc... This was a very new experience for me. As I usually shoot portrait or street photography only.

But they seemed convinced by the result so I am really happy for this. We started in their rehearsal studio for 2h, that's where I think I got the best material. I mean as a photographer, while they might be more happy with the band photo we took afterwards. We tried to went first to a church but it was forbidden to take pictures.

We were a bit disapointed but it did not stopped us taking pictures after wards in the street of Osaka, trying to find the right place and background. So we could do also nice all band together photos type of things. We finished the day in a yakitori ya san (grilled chicken sticks restaurant). And I went back home. I could not sleep so I did the editing right away so I was able to give them the pictures the day after in the early morning.