I changed my life

June 26, 2018

Yes, I changed my life. I was a salaryman, freshly arrived in Japan in 2014, I work in the Automotive industry in Marketing. And frankly this is not what I can do, at least, at this stage. What I mean by stage, is depression. I always suffered from depression but this time it is really hard, it is the second time I’ve been put in sick leave ; and this sick leave can last for 2 years. Many reason for depression, difficult relationship with parents, my best friend died (Hopefully I succeed to made another one, which was unbelievable) and the work I was doing , well, let’s say I was not able to do it because of sickness. The state of depression is awful even if you take medecine and talk to a shrink these containit but doesn’t really cure it, this will take time.

So I decided, with my wife to change life, I was leaving in a big town, and left for the parent’s place of my wife together with our daughter. And the change is radical, from a small flat in the middle of the city to a big house in the middle of…nowhere. From a place with some retaurants, subway, other shops to anywhere, everything takes you 15-20 minutes by car. But the place is really peaceful in the middle of the valley between many small mountains, all I need for a proper recovery.

And what about photography ? As I already explained (why I take pictures) photography for me is everything, it is the only activity where I can forget everything, where my depression goes away. As mentionned , I was in a big town in Japan, and mostly taking street or portrait photography ; now that I am in the middle of nowere what can I do ? Well, I started a new project (Mitani Monogatari) to show the place where I leave but with the technic that I was using in the city, my high contrast Black and White at high speed with a flash and adjusting the ISO according to the distance to my subject. I was mainly using it for Portraits, now I am using it for lanscapes.

And soon the season of Matsuri will arrive so I will have the opportunities to take again pictures of people moreover by being here you discover more people that give you information. So one contact gave us the information of some photo clubs, that’s great even in the middle of nowhere I am building a new life around my family and photography.