My Ricoh

November 18, 2018

My Ricoh

Apart of my medium format, I own a Ricoh GR2. It is also a fantastic little machine.

First, it is very light. It has small dimensions and can fit in your pocket; I have although a neck strap and a hand strap but it is just in case I have to take a shot quickly instead of taking it out from my pocket where it fits easily...

Then, it has the special preset high contrast black and white, which I always use. I do not use much lightroom as the way the pictures come out of the camera are 99% ideal to my taste, to my state of mind as  I shoot emotional.

It is also an expert point & shoot; meaning it has most of the settings that I want, A mode, T mode but of course the manual mode, where I can set it up the way I want. This is fantastic as I can change my settings the way I want to shoot for my projects; Flashup, Mitani Monogatari, where I am using a flash.

My Black and White

Basically, I am using very high speed and an aperture of 11 so the scene looks very dark, almost all black. Then comes the flash with the ISO setting, which varies between 100 and 400 mostly (sometimes more); depending if my subject is very close, close or a bit far.

I really don't want to change or buy a regular SLR with different focals (that's also why I say I don't have the GAS); I'm not interested in taking "regular" photo with standard accesories. I love my Ricoh, it makes the job that I want nothing else.