Trent Parke - Minutes to Midnight

November 15, 2018

Trent Parke

One of my first book I bought. Hence maybe one of the influence on my work, specially nowadays.

Minutes to Midnight

His book is made after a road trip of about 90.000 km in two years. So in a way it has a bit a road trip atmosphere and pictures related. The photos are quiet diverse, from some kind of street photography to more abstract or fine art photography. But most of the time he's playing with light especially for the ones made at night (obviously).

Yes he's playing with light either natural light, or with the flash where is using it in a very innovative way. At least, I have not seen any other works like his. Maybe I am wrong so please tell me, I would really like to discover some people like him playing with light!

Road trip, yes; this comes from few pictures coming here and there ; where you can feel the spirit, like this picture of a man hanging over the top of a moving car, or, the other one shot is in the city center of a small town it seems;  very street photography much feeling, where various people are looking in different directions and moving in various directions.

I think that's the essence of  Trent Parke's Minutes to Midnight is a simple question of freedom, no restriction in term of style or technique. You can feel he really has a passion for innovative photography and at the same time he is very emotional as an approach. As one is really moved by these black and white masterpiece shots.

Maybe he's trying to bring the reader to a kind of magic place, where normal things do not have their right to be normal. There is always a detail or even the full picture itself, which is there to bring you out of the reality. Again with very diverse genre and style of photography (e:g: there are also sub-water shots...)

His way of capturing things with a flash is a great inspirations of mine, sometimes I like to experiment like him. I am trying step by step, trial by trial to further fine tune my technique. By especially knowing the extreme to better understand the "normal" way of flash shooting; or at least my own way of shooting.

I looking at this book regularly, especially when I am down, with no inspiration or fed up with photography. It will cheer me up. That's the great power from this fantastic photo book that I really recommend to everyone (and it is affordable too...). If there was only to take with you that could be the ideal one.